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Charity donation ceremony for Hengshan Bridge Central Primary School and visit the memorial Hall of hengshan Bridge First Party Branch


14:00 PM, 25 February 2022, Divine power motors vice President zhang bing, trade union chairman ZhaiXia, divine power branch party representative, by the open area private economic association representative, hengshan bridge branch of the party members' representatives, hengshan bridge the donor center elementary school students and the relevant personnel to participate in the "love student Beginner's mind to the party by "warm center elementary school compassion donation ceremony and visit the hengshan hengshan bridge bridge first party branch memorial activities. Through charitable donation activities and party history study and education activities, stimulate the selfless dedication of party members and cadres, and pass the warmth of social care. We will enhance the cohesion of community-level Party building.

At the beginning of the activity, the principal of Hengshan Bridge Central Primary School delivered a speech, expressing warm welcome and sincere thanks to the representatives of the trade union, party members and party members of Hengshan Bridge Branch.

Then the charity donation ceremony, a total of 5 poor students' parents accepted the charity donation.

Later, Zhang Bing, vice President of Shenli Electric, made a speech in which he said, "Enterprises are the creators of social wealth and the faithful implementators of social responsibilities. As a member of the society, the development of enterprises depends on the society, and they should repay the society with the results of operation. "It is our goal to create a good atmosphere where everyone cares and participates."

At the end of the donation ceremony, Deputy secretary tang Yongzhong of the district bureau made a summary speech.

After the donation ceremony, the representatives of all party members and the young Pioneers of Hengshan Bridge Central Primary School went to the first Branch of Hengshan Bridge, visited the memorial hall of hengshan Bridge First Party Branch under the guidance of the guide, and studied the development of the party history of Hengshan Bridge together, and understood the heroic deeds of the revolutionary martyr Wang Yulu.

To hengshan Bridge central primary school young Pioneers gift books to send blessings, I hope all young pioneers remember the history of the Party, study hard.

All party members of Shenli Electric renew their pledge to join the Party

Party member representative of Shenli Electric talked about feeling

Hengshan Bridge branch party member representative talks comprehension

Hengshan bridge city supervisor Zhou Hu secretary for all party members on the party class

Donating to students cultivates successors to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Party history education, temper is the party spirit consciousness of grassroots party members. Under the leadership of the Party, all Party members must continue to study and comprehensively improve their own quality, carry forward the spirit of our ancestors, and turn the wisdom and strength contained in the century-old History of the Party into an inexhaustible driving force for the people to get things done.