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Motor and its drive control are inseparable from effective scheme and design


Now all walks of life have begun to contact automation information, which is conducive to stimulate the further expansion of the motor and its drive control market.

As we all know, motor control system is the key to ensure efficient operation and low power consumption, but now it is required to minimize energy consumption and loss, but also to constantly improve the flexibility and robustness of the machine operation, so as to meet the requirements of higher application equipment. So for designers, not only is the development cycle shortened, but there are also various innovation challenges.

To this end, Big Bit will hold the 12th (Hangzhou) Motor Drive and Control Technology Seminar on May 30, 2019 in Hangzhou. Through technical exchanges and discussions, it is beneficial for enterprises to clarify the direction of research and development and improve the deficiency, and quickly occupy and enhance the high-end market share.

Recently, Toshiba has developed a brushless DC motor inverter drive solution, which can be widely used in kitchen products, such as range hoods, which can achieve strong suction, high air volume, high static pressure functions.

This reference design uses Toshiba motor drive MCU TMPM375FSDMG and intelligent power module (IPD)TPD4123AK for motor control. This scheme uses vector control algorithm to achieve non-inductive frequency conversion motor control, Arm® Cortex®-M3 core MCU and Toshiba's unique vector engine to achieve accurate control of the range hood. The hardware structure is simple and reliable, the software adopts vector engine to realize vector operation, high speed and reliable and the program structure is simple.

On the application side, the STSPIN motor driver is embedded with all the required functions to drive with high efficiency and precision, ensuring that every advanced motion contour generator is in operation, not only reducing the host microcontroller, but also ensuring flexibility and reliability.

Moreover, the STSPIN motor driver can greatly save power for motor powered smart devices at supply rates as low as 1.8 VOLTS.

The conference is divided into seven topics, including: high speed low noise motor, stepping drive single chip scheme, motor control technology of new energy vehicles, motor sense-free FOC vector control, high efficiency and low cost motor control scheme, new device scheme of motor drive, development trend of motor control mainstream technology, etc.