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Motor industry competition intensifies, how to solve the problem of technology and cost


The emergence of new energy vehicles, industry 4.0, smart home and other new things makes electronic manufacturing more vigorous development, industrial machinery automation development has become the future trend.

In recent years, due to the increasing attention of the international community to energy conservation, environmental protection and sustainable development, the production of high-efficiency motor has become the development direction of the global motor industry. At present, the world motor manufacturing industry is developing from general products to general and special products, high efficiency, energy saving, high grade motor and electromechanical integration of frequency conversion motor will have a good market prospect.

At the same time, many foreign motor manufacturing enterprises will transfer their manufacturing bases to developing countries, resulting in the annual increase in output of China's motor manufacturing industry, the annual increase in export volume, export product grade continues to improve, part of the higher technical content of the products have entered the international market.

But because of the Sino-US trade war and the slowdown of China's economy, coupled with the withdrawal of subsidies for new energy vehicles, these make the motor manufacturing industry increasingly competitive, many large motor manufacturing enterprises mergers and acquisitions integration and capital operation increasingly frequent.

After years of development, the domestic motor industry has formed a number of large-scale motor enterprises, these enterprises in order to cope with the market competition under the globalization pattern, gradually from "large and complete" to "specialized, intensive" transformation, further promote the development of specialized production mode in the motor industry.

At present, China's motor industry is still labor-intensive and technology-intensive, with high concentration of large and medium-sized motor market and low concentration of small and medium-sized motor market, and fierce competition. There is a large division in the motor industry. Listed enterprises and large state-owned enterprises take the lead in the development of the whole industry and gradually expand the market share due to sufficient capital, large production capacity and high brand awareness. And a large number of small and medium-sized, homogeneous motor production enterprises can only share the rest of the market share, the formation of the "Matthew effect" in the industry, promote the industry concentration degree to improve, part of the weak enterprises were eliminated.

In general, the scale of domestic motor manufacturers is small, and most of them focus on the production of low-end products. The competition among enterprises in the industry is fierce, and international enterprises seize the domestic market one after another by virtue of their advantages in technology and management.

In such a situation, only the use of cutting-edge technology in the future, in order to create more in line with the needs of the market products. To this end, on August 2, 2019, Big Bit will once again hold the "13th (Shenzhen) Motor Drive and Control Technology Seminar" to help enterprises reduce costs to enhance competitiveness, improve quality to enhance innovation to impact the high-end market.

This meeting topic is: motor drive innovation technology, motor control ecological system and application scheme introduction, motor driver in unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) and the application of new energy car, IGBT chip and IPM module technology, high-speed dc motor control application solutions, the choice of motor over-current protection device, motor industry experts to share.

At the same time, it will also gather many well-known experts and scholars, research institutions and solutions for the guests to conduct direct exchanges, obtain new information in the industry, discuss the current situation, and seek continuous innovation and continuous development of the industry