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The first issue of power man was published on October 18


Carry forward the corporate culture of the company, establish a good image of the company, improve the social image of the company, build the company brand, improve the visibility and influence of the company, in order to enhance the sense of belonging and internal cohesion of employees, stimulate their enthusiasm for writing, give play to their potential, so that employees in a good incentive environment. At the same time, in order to strengthen the company's corporate culture to maintain healthy and sustainable development, and finally achieve the purpose of a perfect corporate culture mechanism.

A, meaning,

Enrich staff's spare time, improve staff's language organization ability, dig out more staff writers who have personal opinions and creative breakthroughs in literature, and provide more information for "Magic Man" newspaper, company website and other corporate culture materials.

Second, the content

1, "divine power news" is the company news: latest reports of the company leaders, some major events happened within the company (client), government agencies visit reports, or the opinions of the company will make big decision for reports, or the company's new some beneficial to employees of the new policy reports, etc.

2. Industry News: the latest policies, regulations or news about the motor industry.

3. "Department Style" or "Advanced Style" : show the spirit, working status and department characteristics of each department by combining picture display and text description, setting off a positive and progressive working atmosphere.

4. Quality Notice will report the quality situation of last month in chart form.

5. Elite Stories: Stories of middle and senior managers, in the form of interviews or reportage, accompanied by photos, personal profiles, mottos, etc.

6. Good People and good Deeds: Describe all kinds of good deeds done by employees of various departments of the company, promote the spirit of helping others, and enhance the sense of honor and belonging of employees.

7. "Hot Attention" : analyzing and introducing some complaint cases or reporting some major violations to urge all departments to improve further.

8. "Talk About Magic power" and "Growth Track" : Describe the staff's feelings, impressions and personal growth process in Magic Power Company, or introduce the shortcomings of the enterprise, reform proposals, etc.

9. Employee Essays: Employees' personal experience and true feelings in work and life.

10. Voice: Various opinions and suggestions of employees on the company's system.